Shoe Wire Hanger

This craft idea is both creative and useful. I have a lot of wire hangers at my apartment. Sometimes my friends give me more. I don’t want to dispose them because they are still in good shape and might be used in the future.  In addition, I have many shoes. Boxes of shoes usually occupy too much space. If shoes put in a plastic bag, I feel reluctant to look for one pair of shoes. This shoe wire hanger resolves two problems. Do you have these problems? It is a good time to put your shoes in order now, then buy more shoes for summer.

I list more ways to organize shoes and some example in each category.  Though they are not creative but very useful. You can click each picture below to see more details in Amazon.Follow Pro Craft Ideas in pinterest to see more amazing craft ideas! [Read more…]

“Dew” It Yourself Jewelry Stand

Yesterday, I introduced shoe wire hanger to organize shoes. Today, it’s time to organize  jewelry. Can you figure out what the green Jewelry stand is made of? Why is it green? Because it is plastic Mountain Dew bottle!!  This creative idea also helps us to protect the earth. Happy Earth Day. [Read more…]

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