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Have you made some awesome projects inspired by ideas other people never think of?  You can submit the links of projects here! Your projects will be exposed to more readers and you will be known by more people.

Following are submission guidelines

Please read it before you submit your fantastic project(s).

Only tutorials are needed. Our readers and us not only appreciate your hard work but also want to create them by ourselves.

Please fill out the form below and offer the link(s) to your project(s). One form is used to submit one project. This means, if you have 5 projects, you have to fill out the form 5 times.

Besides the links, one landscape shot per each project should be offered. Width of image prefers 600px.
There are two options:
1) upload the image
format: jpg, png or gif
size: less than 2M
2) submit the link of the image

There is one thing I need to emphasize here. Sometime I see people use some materials which have  health risk.  For example, you paint a bead to put it with napkin. There is lead in the paint, which will cause the health problem in the long run.

I will choose the crafts which do not contain this issue according to my current knowledge. I hope you will think about health problems before starting making something fancy.

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