Milk Jug Ghosts

milk jug ghosts so easy and are quick to doI personally drink milk every day and use up so many milk jugs. Before recycle them, you can make milk jug ghosts for this Halloween. It’s very easy to do. Just put small bulbs inside them! Best of all, you can draw whatever faces you love and/or do it with your kids.

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Leaf Bowl

DIY Leaf Bowl autumn

Have you seen leaf bowl before? Here is a graphic tutorial. You should not confine your idea only to autumn leafs. Now is spring and we should try to find as many variety leafs as possible and create different type bowls. Of course, other shapes are better and bowls for all the seasons are the best.

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Paper Nests

paper nests for easter egg

Paper Nests

You must have see a lot of ways to make easter eggs and see more eggs creaft ideas here. It’s time to make a nest for these eggs, such as rick krispy eggs, sidewalk chalk eggs, crocheted eggs, etc. The nests above is made of old novels. It is a good idea to recycle paper.
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Metal Bags

Yesterday, I recommended one way to recycle old tennis balls. Look at the pictures above. We can use used cans, such as coco cola and pepper, to create metal bags. There are at least two styles you can choose (last two pictures). All the tools are easy to get. Bags will be absolutely shining in the sunshine!!

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