Onion Dome

onion dome

This delicate and colorful onion dome is made only by paper! It’s fun to work with children to create some domes. Even more, try creating castles and using different colors of paper. It’s also a good decoration for home. [Read more…]

Leaf Bowl

DIY Leaf Bowl autumn

Have you seen leaf bowl before? Here is a graphic tutorial. You should not confine your idea only to autumn leafs. Now is spring and we should try to find as many variety leafs as possible and create different type bowls. Of course, other shapes are better and bowls for all the seasons are the best.

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Handmade Fresh Strawberry

Pretty handmade fresh strawberries which are suitable for decoration.  Make more fruit using this method, for example, apple, peals, grapes, etc. What will you create?


Recycle Old Tennis ball

Every morning, my mother always looks for her keys. This two-eye and a big month recycled tennis ball solves the problem.  You can find more to make use of the funny balls.

Shoe Wire Hanger

This craft idea is both creative and useful. I have a lot of wire hangers at my apartment. Sometimes my friends give me more. I don’t want to dispose them because they are still in good shape and might be used in the future.  In addition, I have many shoes. Boxes of shoes usually occupy too much space. If shoes put in a plastic bag, I feel reluctant to look for one pair of shoes. This shoe wire hanger resolves two problems. Do you have these problems? It is a good time to put your shoes in order now, then buy more shoes for summer.

I list more ways to organize shoes and some example in each category.  Though they are not creative but very useful. You can click each picture below to see more details in Amazon.Follow Pro Craft Ideas in pinterest to see more amazing craft ideas! [Read more…]

Festive Centerpiece

Festive Centerpiece

Though Kelly, the craft designer, said it was a festive centerpiece. I highly recommend to put one at home no matter when. It gives me an impression as warm, energy and hope when my gas does not work in the cold early spring. I also like the craft idea that it uses the sleeve of an old sweater, which I did not recognize before reading Kelly’s tutorial.
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Pink Ruffle Wreath

Pink Ruffle Wreath

Two days ago, I introduced you a ruffled flower top. Pretty ruffle can also appear on the wreath. The tutorial made by Kelly is very easy to follow. After learning how to make it, go to Fabric to choose whatever fabric you want, and create wreath with your own style.
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