Onion Dome

onion dome

This delicate and colorful onion dome is made only by paper! It’s fun to work with children to create some domes. Even more, try creating castles and using different colors of paper. It’s also a good decoration for home. [Read more…]

Leaf Bowl

DIY Leaf Bowl autumn

Have you seen leaf bowl before? Here is a graphic tutorial. You should not confine your idea only to autumn leafs. Now is spring and we should try to find as many variety leafs as possible and create different type bowls. Of course, other shapes are better and bowls for all the seasons are the best.

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Cord Identification with Washi Tape

Cord Identification with Washi Tape

Have you bought several electronic devices? I personally bought a lot, especially last Christmas. How did you organize your cords? I just put them in one big box and try finding them when needed. Jamey offered a simple way to speed up finding one cord.

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Wood Pallet Map

wood pallet mapAmy was inspired by an image on Pinterest then created this beautiful and useful wall art for her son. A large map and pallet wood were used to make it. Besides, we can find more inspirations on pinterest. [Read more…]

Mini Cooper Wall Art

miniworkof art

This wall art inspired by mini cooper is especially suitable for boys’ rooms. It’s simple but adorable. It’s also a good idea to find the inspiration from children’s toys. [Read more…]

Anthropologie Inspired Scarf

Anthropologie Scarf

This lovely scar is inspired by Anthropologie. Kelly also posted the original scarf photo. But I love Kelly’s scarf better. She did not copy the idea but improved it. In addition, Anthropologie’s scarf is $40, while Kelly’s is only $1.80. A good saving, isn’t it? [Read more…]

Colorful Cupcake Flower Light

diy flower lights [Read more…]

Christmas Tree Icing Cake

christmas tree icing cake [Read more…]

Handmade Fresh Strawberry

Pretty handmade fresh strawberries which are suitable for decoration.  Make more fruit using this method, for example, apple, peals, grapes, etc. What will you create?


Recycle Old Tennis ball

Every morning, my mother always looks for her keys. This two-eye and a big month recycled tennis ball solves the problem.  You can find more to make use of the funny balls.