Cake Recipes: Pink Vanilla Pocky Cake

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Party Smartie Cupcakes

Party Smartie Cupcakes

It’s funny way to display cupcakes, with MM and champagne flutes glasses. I showed many adorable cupcakes before.  You can choose any one, then make cupcakes whose sizes fit your glasses. Don’t forget to show them in your next party!

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Almond Joy Cupcake Recipes

Almond Joy Cupcake recipes

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Cupcake Recipes: Glowing Cupcake in the dark

cupcake recipes: glowing cupcake in the dark
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Shark and Beach Cupcakes

Two blue and one yellow cupcakes forms a group of shark and beach cupcakes. More cupcakes and more color will create more complicated graphs. One garden with flowers? United States flags?

Guess what these fun teeth are made of!

Guess what is made of these funny teeth, which is suitable for Halloween’s day?


Apple and cotton candy!!!

Oreo Panda

It is Summer now. Have you planned to travel? If you visit Washington DC, you must watch panda in the zoo. Cupcake + oreo = Panda.  I assure you that oreo panda looks like real pandas.

Van Gogh Starry Night Cake

Have you thought of making Starry Night cake? I didn’t. Have you thought of eating Starry Night? I didn’t. Now it’s time to brainstorm. What other paintings do inspire you to make a cake? How about Monalisa?

Dolphins Cupcake

Cute dolphins on the cake! Shark, whale, salmon…

Chick Cake Pops

Chick Cake Pops

East egg is only an egg. How about making some more advanced stages of eggs. More advanced stages of eggs mean … “hatching” eggs and little chicks. Look at the picture, they are not only lovely looking but also good tasting. I can’t help eating them but also want to keep them.

LINK: Pint Sized Baler – Chick Pop